Monday, 14 January 2013

Busy doing nothing


A couple of dry days gave me the opportunity to hack back a cotoneaster which was making a nuisance of itself to passers-by and had dropped its berries into my wall and produced clones; prickly thug!  I replanted the wall with more bulbs and colourful polyanthuses and vowed to keep the wall in flower all year.

At the Gardening Club, members filled a table area (8ft x 2ft approx.) with examples of what is flowering or showing interesting foliage this month.  It was amazing, to say we complain there is nothing in the garden at this time of year.  One member brought some frankincense which he had purchased while on holiday in the Middle East.  It is made from the resin of a tree and is available in three grades; for medical purposes, for cosmetics or perfume and for incense.  

Out and about

Our team did not perform well at the Quiz, where we usually hold our own.

Ate with friends at the Red Hot World Buffet, which I can’t rate highly enough.  Three courses from a menu offering Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian..... need I go on?  You can choose your dream menu and refill as often as you like!  I chose Mediterranean salads, followed by rice noodles and vegetables which were cooked in front of me and ended with a selection of Italian desserts.  For me, a vegetarian menu made in heaven!

 So that feast in addition to a 30th Birthday Party hasn’t helped me to lose those pounds.


I am now in week 2 of the W1S1 weekly challenge which spurs me on to complete and submit my work. 

I recorded a couple of pieces for a local radio programme which I help plan.


We were forecast snow and it actually arrived.  Not a lot fell in our area but, for we Brits, it’s a main topic of conversation; will it, when, how much?

 And finally, check out this Facebook page for quotes by writers:

 I’m trying to choose one for my motivation.  Which do you prefer?



  1. There are lots of interesting things in my garden now. Many are subtle or require me to look closely, but I rather like that.

  2. Me too. The gardens doing some crazy things too. I hope that we have some warm weather at the right time this year so I can have some lovely home grown veggies.

  3. Hope your garden turns out lovely! And that buffet sounds amazing.


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