Saturday, 29 September 2012

More holidays

I am reminded about the French poem we learnt in school; la cigale et la fourmi. by Jean de La Fontaine. It told of the cricket who sang all summer whereas the ant worked hard stocking up food for the winter.  I have played hard all summer and have a lot to catch up on now it’s over. 

Jewish New Year

We dip apple in honey in order to bring about a sweet new year.  I left no stone unturned in ensuring a sweet new year by using honey in the whole holiday menu; honey in the cake, tzimmos sweetened with honey and honey in the sauce on the salmon.
 My scrumptious honey cake with almonds
 My foliage display

The Jewish new year is a religious festival and begins at dusk the night before with a huge meal.  The morning is spent in the synagogue followed by another huge meal and, for us, it is traditional to have afternoon tea at my Aunty Edith’s with the extended family.  The whole thing is then repeated for day two.  It is a time for every individual to reflect on their character and how they can improve.

 Some of the guests

A trip to North Wales with my sisters  

We spent a great couple of days in Llandudno.  The weather kept fine for us and we manage to do a lot of walking.  We walked round the shops, we walked to cafes and then we walked to restaurants.  We had spent a holiday in the resort as kids and the area has remained basically unchanged apart from the huge increase in traffic.
 Llandudno Pier

 The Orme

 Hotels line the long promenade

 Can't tell which is ours

These were taken at Rhos on Sea

A visit to Conway


We must do it again soon.








  1. My Gran used to recite that poem! Like you, I've a lot to catch up on after the summer.

  2. Mmm... I want a piece of that cake. And also to go to Wales. Color me envious.

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  3. Wonderful photo's, looks like you had an amazing time. and I too am envious. I haven't gone anywhere in forever!

  4. Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing.


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