Tuesday, 14 August 2012

One July Summer

What has happened to summer,
that's what I want to know.
Is she on a vacation -
who knows where did she go?
Tell, what was she wearing;
A zephyr breeze and rosebud
or grass and wild berry?
Could she be honeymooning
with spring or early fall
Or has she gone so far away
she'll not return at all?

This poem is by Dorothy Ardelle Merriam, although I can’t find any more about her.  Very true about UK Summer 2012.

Gardens and More Gardens

Summer judging for Yorkshire in Bloom meant I was privileged to see some superb displays, allotments, public and private gardens and met some great people too. 

More Garden Visits

The Alhambra Gardens at Roundhay Park houses the Chelsea Gold Exhibits by Leeds City Council.  There is another one to be installed this month.  The annuals which cover the approach to the gardens are usually in full bloom by now, but lack of sunlight and heavy rains have resulted in a poor show.  However, two weeks later, things are looking up.
 Aunt Edith and Uncle Jack

 New exhibit (from 2011) the Waterwheel

 Alhambra Gardens

The gardens at Burton Agnes Hall are a delight and I have written about them previously on my blog and on this website.  http://www.yorkshire-east-coast-unofficial-guide.com/the-gardens-at-burton-agnes-hall.html

 A visit to a suburban garden with my gardening group was a real treat.  An ordinary suburban street revealed an enchanting garden.  A beach garden in the front, complete with lobster pot and anchor and a back garden with the quirkiest of nooks.  Mirrors, stained glass, ornaments, ponds and even a reconstruction of an old washhouse.

 This is an optical illusion of an open door by using a mirror

 The old wash house with washing dolly and old washing powders

Our new grandson

We were overjoyed to hear the news of our newest grandchild.  He is feeding well and, although Skype is a boon, we can’t wait to see him in the flesh.  I was judging at the time of his birth, but although I suggested to call him by the name of the village, the baby’s parents decided on Ruben.  We welcome him to the family and wish him a happy and healthy life.
 Baby Ruben with big sister Freya

You will realise that I write my blog chronologically as this is clearly the most significant event!

Afternoon tea with cousins
After much organisation, we managed to fix a date and meet up with just a few of our female cousins.  It was great to catch up and hope to do it again soon.  I pitied the other customers who just wanted a quiet cuppa.

.... and afternoon tea for my daughter’s birthday

Visit to the Coast

 Bridlington; still a working harbour

 Pembroke Gardens, Bridlington

 Hornsea; on the near side of the groyn there's great sand

 Coastguard Cottages, Ulrome

Some decent weather meant we could spend some time on the beach at Bridlington, Hornsea and Ulrome.

Alternative Olympic Party
We went to an alternative Olympic party at Sue’s where the exciting events included welly chucking, Pringle eating, consuming chocolate raisins using chopsticks and other highly skilled activities.  The children enjoyed themselves too.  I was awarded a silver medal, although I thought my eating and drinking deserved gold.

Although I was not planning to watch the actual proceedings, the opening ceremony was superb and I found myself watching a good deal of the Games.  Such effort and determination is quite humbling.

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