Coast and Countryside: Yorkshire at its best

We are really enjoying our staycation despite the mixed weather.  I can only recall one day of one wall-to-wall rain.   In fact, there is usually a window of opportunity every day of the year when you can at least take a cup of tea into the garden.
 Burnsall, Yorkshire Dales

 Towards Flamborough Head






  1. Beautiful pictures, and I am glad you are having a good time! I've not been to Knaresborough this year, although I wanted to - time was just too short, with only 10 days in Ripon, and so many places to go and people to meet!

  2. So far I've only seen a very little of Yorkshire - clearly it's worth another visit.

  3. Lovely pictures. There is something so magical about Yorkshire - I long to go back there. I've only been once to stay about 12 years ago, but I loved it.


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