The season begins

We count down from the end of October to mid-March to when the season begins at our caravan site.  We have a static caravan, which we sometimes refer to as a holiday home when we want to impress.  It is sited near a pretty, quiet village and it has its own beach.

We have been going here for a decade, although we upgraded the caravan which used to belong to my aunt and uncle who used theirs for thirty years.  Some of the daffodils which greet us each Spring were planted by my uncle.  


To arrive at the coast, there is no waiting around for flights or worrying if we have forgotten anything as the caravan is fully stocked.  Granted, the North Sea and the weather on the East Coast of Yorkshire doesn’t always compare with the Med, but it has a charm all of its own.  The landscapes and skyscapes are stunning and the seaside has a certain fascination.

En route we pass through the lovely Yorkshire Wolds.  Sometimes we feel we are travelling through a  Hockney painting, especially his work  portraying Warter, Sledmere and Garrowby Hill.

It isn’t like staying in a hotel, but cooking , cleaning and especially gardening are not onerous tasks.  We have time to read and write, spend time with family and friends and look for shells and fossils.

Where is your special place?


  1. Beautiful! Give me a place like that over a Mediterranean beach any time.
    I've spent many a summer on Sicily when I was still part of a Sicilian family; beach life there is so very different from Yorkshire, but I know which one I prefer!

  2. What a lovely location! (We sometimes call our van a holiday home.)

  3. I used to have a static when the children were younger, and have many happy memories. Your post reminded me of those days. Thank you for sharing.

    My favourite place is my health club, I love going there to do pilates, meditation , stretch classes, or just to stick my feet up and relax away from it all...
    They have a total ban on mobile phones, which suits me.


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