Annual Autumn Visit to Northumberland 2016

Northumberland never disappoints and we even had good weather for our annual trip. 

We like to find something new to see and, although we have been visiting the area for decades now, there is always a corner we haven't covered.

The picturesque, former fishing village of Low Newton is a familiar haunt.  In fact, the first time we came across it, terraced cottages in the square were for sale for £2,500.  With a mortgage on our home, there was no way we could access that amount.  You guessed it, these cottages are now impossible to get hold of and a week's rental in May is over £500!

We hadn't known about the bird hide behind the village, which  is part of a pleasant circular walk which takes you to the beautiful beach with its rock pools.


  1. Beautiful pictures and fantastic weather! One discovers so much more about a place on foot, I find. When I'm in Ripon, I love walking the streets, just ordinary streets in residential areas, and in spite of having come to the place regularly for 13 years, I still discover new bits.


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