Visit to Burnby Hall Garden and Museum, Pocklington

We had an enjoyable visit to Burnby Hall in Pocklington in the Yorkshire Wolds,   The gardens have been on my “to see” list for ages.  The museum houses hundreds of interesting exhibits, collected by the previous owner of Burnby Hall, Major Percy Stewart, during his travels to every continent in the early 1900s, often accompanied by his wife.
There was still plenty of colour at the end of the Summer plus other delightful touches, although I thought that some of the contemporary sculptures were rather out of place especially in the Victorian Garden.

 The Secret Garden opened out into this lovely open area with statue.

The Upper and Lower Lakes are home to a National Collection of over 100 varieties of Hardy Water Lily.
 The Hall is now used as council offices


The cafe didn’t offer much for vegetarians but I found this in the gift shop reduced from £2.95 to 50p – who else would want post-its with a Yiddish phrase!

While not my favourite garden, it is well worth seeing for the surprises which are revealed around every corner


  1. Late summer/early autumn flowers are beautiful! On my way to work, every morning I walk past a garden that has such an abundance of dahlia, chrysanthemums and other wonderful flowers, I'd love to stop and take a picture. But it's a private residence and I have not spoken to the owners yet.

    Burnby Hall Gardens looks nice, especially the "secret" garden. And the Hall - not a bad place to work at, I guess!

  2. I'm not keen on statues and the like in gardens, even when they're appropriate to the period so I'm sure I'd have agreed about the contemporary ones in a Victorian garden.


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