Felley Priory

On our way back from our friends' fabulous wedding, we stopped off at Felley Priory.  The garden which is only half a mile from the M1 is on the site of a priory founded in 1156 and has a tea room and nursery which can be accessed without entering the gardens, offering a tranquil alternative to the motorway services.

I was impressed by the layout of this 2.5 acre garden, the wildlife area, perennial borders, topiary and pond.  The roses in the rose garden were mostly still in bud, but there were some old, climbing, highly perfumed varieties against the walls. 


  1. That looks lovely, Linda. We're lucky to have so many beautiful gardens open to the public in this country.

  2. A wonderful place that is certainly worth more than just a brief stop for a tea break. It looks so well kept and peaceful.

  3. That looks amazing. I hat motorway service stations. There should be more cafe havens like this around!

  4. Now that's what I call a garden!


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