Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

A family holiday at the seaside can be fun with the older members reminiscing about bygone times while the younger members are experiencing those activities for the first time.

The weather, as always in the Yorkshire coast, is variable to say the least; we can have all four seasons in the space of an hour!  We had a glorious Summer earlier on and the forecast wasn’t great for the last part of August but we were treated to some lovely days and the heavy showers waited for night time. 

Sand, sea and all the S’s


Sleeping in, Swimming Pool, Swings and Slides, Skating at the Roller Disco, Skimming stones,

Scarborough Day Trip

 Open top bus

Peasholm Park
 Sailing (on a pedalo)

Sewerby Hall and Gardens
The Hall has just been refurbished but no photographs can be taken

 Shiver me timbers
 The walled garden

 A new born Alpaca with mum
  Over the years, we have entertained visitors from as far afield as Sweden, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Italy and Rumania and it occurred to me to begin a visitors’ book.  I found a suitable one in a charity shop.  It is actually a Hebridean one, but it is beautifully illustrated and does the job.

 Bet you're wondering what Hello Kitty wrote in the book


  1. A wonderful post for me, bringing back a host of memories of our beloved "Scarbie", as my late husband and I used to call it. I haven't been back since he died and don't know whether I ever will, but looking at pictures from Scarborough now leaves me with a nostalgic smile on my face.

    1. So glad it reminded you of good times.

  2. I've never been to Scarborough. It looks like you had a lovely time :-)

    1. It's definitely worth a visit, as long as you pick a sunny day.

  3. Wonderful photos! And really it's been a wonderful summer hasn't it :-) x

    1. It has been a wonderful summer, Teresa

    2. It has been a wonderful summer, Teresa.

  4. I love to be beside the seaside too, especially on the Yorkshire coast. What a fab blog, I'm just going to explore a little now to see which other places I know. I've just seen Harewood House, a place I know very well.

  5. It's hard to beat a day out at the seaside, even if the weather isn't always perfect.

    1. I agree. The seaside can be enjoyed in all extremes of weather.

  6. Such a lovely part of the world. When you see the queues at Gatwick, a British holiday makes more and more sense. We had a lovely time on the Norfolk coast at Easter.


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