Yellow and Lavender

No they don’t go together!
In the morning enjoyed the party atmosphere with family and friends for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in my hometown.  The whole route turned yellow including some of the sheep!

 A neighbour's jazz band added to the ambience

 Loads of floats distributing free gifts

 My grandson was really shocked when I encouraged him to chalk on the road

 An actual gendarme


In the afternoon, on the way to the coast, visited Yorkshire Lavender with its beautiful gardens, nursery and spectacular views of the Vale of York.    
 The only garden with a notice that asks you to touch the flowers!

 A stress-free zone

 The tune?  Lavender's blue dilly dilly ....

 A lavender maze which made our clothes smell amazing

 Could be in Provence rather than East Yorkshire


  1. Actually, I think lavender and yellow do go together; I have a dark purple polka dot summer dress for the office and usually team it up with a vanilla yellow cardie :-)

    Love the pictures of Yorkshire Lavender!! Every year when my late husband and I came to Scarborough for our holiday, I wanted to go there on a day trip, but somehow we never got round to it.
    Did you sample any of their products? I have read they offer lavender ice cream and all sorts of lavender-themed delights.

  2. Fabulous photos! Your posts always make me feel homesick for Yorkshire which is daft because I've never lived there! I love the smell of lavender. And I love that your grandson chalked on the road x

  3. Yorkshire Lavender looks fantastic. I've always wanted to visit the Lavender Fields in Provence, but Yorkshire might be a bit more doable.


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