Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Resuming holidays abroad

After all the worrying about queues, cancellations and Covid documentation, our journey to the Algarve went without a hitch.

The villa in Praia da Galé was just as advertised and my concern over the pool being too cold, as only heated by the sun, was unfounded.  The three generations of us got on without falling out.

So, after all that anxiety, I definitely needed a good holiday and that is exactly what I had!

This branch of the family had been travelling for 15 hours but insisted on trying out the pool which was illuminated at night

The villa was on three floors and accommodated ten.  The front and back terraces always gave much needed shade.  The barbeque and the ping pong table were well used.

It was enjoyable to walk the short distances to the beaches, shops or restaurants and look at the varied styles of houses with bananas, palms, lemon trees and giant cacti in their gardens

There were various small beaches nearby, some rocky coves and others stretches of golden sand.  Being on the Atlantic, there were lots of water sports and good waves for surfing.

Armação de Pêra

Many houses have window frames painted yellow or blue

Typical Portugese pavements made from mosaics  

For night life, Albufeira was 9 km away.  Here lots of bars, shops and restaurants were to be found in the narrow streets.   Two outdoor escalators took you down to The Strip where live bands played.  The Old Town was quieter and we saw England's Lionesses beat Germany in the finals.  

It was all over too quickly but our memories will remain with us.

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! The villa was a good choice, and I am glad the journey went well, too.

    Maybe it is just the way your blog is displayed on my computer, but the font size varies between "normal" (easily readable) and very small (hard to read). Hopefully not yet another problem blogger is presenting us with!


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