Saturday, 23 March 2019

Six on Saturday; Spring

The weather has been kind to gardeners lately.  My muscles are aching as the tasks are many and demanding, even in a small garden.  For any other physical activity, it would be prudent to carry out some warm up exercises first, but often I am only intending to do one five-minute job …..
Here are my six:
 First ladybird of the year.  Hope she keeps the greenflies under control

 These cheap daffs bought from a bargain store were advertised as Scented and White Scented.  I haven’t noticed their scent but two heads on a tallish stem have added interest to my pots

 The marsh marigolds have set up in another spot around the pond and have buds ready to reveal their bright yellow blooms
 I couldn’t remember plantings these multi-headed daffs but came across part of their packaging and they are called Martinette
A friend found these Cyclamen Hederifolium  reduced in our council nursery.  Look at the attractive markings on the leaves

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1 comment:

  1. One 5 minute task always leads to another. And another. And another...
    I know that tune very well!


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