Monday, 19 November 2018

Visit to Beningbrough Hall

Having recently joined the National Trust and, taking into account the weather and winter opening hours, we decided to visit Beningbrough Hall. 
We started off in the gardens, but the rain drove us inside where we browsed the portraits, played with the interactive exhibitions and dressing up clothes and enjoyed the paintings on loan from the National  Portrait Gallery - Making Her Mark: celebrating creative women.  The latter included Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Iris Murdoch and the like with descriptions of how they have contributed to the arts.  Most impressive.
By this time the weather had improved and we were able to stroll through the gardens and marvel at the autumnal colours.  In various areas in the gardens were sound installations created by Yorkshire sound artist Rachel Sedman.  One of these soundscapes included The Last Post, particularly poignant as the date was 11/11, and as we walked by, the trees were shedding leaves.  It was most atmospheric, as was the exhibition in one of the rooms with memorabilia from the two world wars and the records of the high number of fatalities from the region.

 The architecture and history is fascinating

 Colours of autumn.  Even the asparagus is golden in the sunlight

 Interesting features in the gardens
A return visit to the gardens in other seasons is definitely on the cards.


  1. Those autumn colours are so beautiful!
    I've not yet been to Beningbrough Hall, but it looks like a place to put on my "to visit" list for next year's holiday.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. We've driven almost past the hall a couple of times, but it was either shut or we couldn't stop. Certainly seems as though we should plan a stop there when we're next in the area.


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