Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday morning gardening

It’s been ages since I’ve had the luxury of spending a morning on the garden at my house.  I can’t show you the pots I’ve planted up for spring as they’re mostly bulbs but hopefully they will resemble these illustrations on the packets.

I was trying to emulate Monty Don’s ideas but the Cornus and Mahonia he suggested for the centre of the pots were too large and expensive at the nursery I visited.    I used cuttings I had of Hebe and Euonymus for my centre pieces and planted various bulbs around them.   I planted the wallflowers in a trough with some miniature daffies.  These were mixed colours.  I prefer them bare-rooted and one colour but I had to purchase them in a hurry last week. 
I also tarted up some other pots, wall and borders with what I had left over plus some bellis daisies and ivy.  One of my resolutions this year was to extend the season in my garden and I definitely have more interest at the end of October.  The display table at my gardening club had a whole array of flowers and foliage which our members brought in from their gardens gave me plenty of inspiration for next year
as did Angie on her blog

My quandary was whether to cut down some of the plants for the winter or leave for the wildlife and as protection against this severe winter which the media are forecasting, so I compromised.


  1. Oh no! Did you just say that the media are forecasting a severe winter? And here was I, looking forward to another mild one such as the last one... I really am not very good with cold weather, but I'm afraid there is no way but to stick it out and simply make sure I'll stay warm as much as I can...

    Your planting flower bulbs is a good reminder that, eventually, spring will be here again. In about 6 months' time, we will be seeing all those lovely flowers!

  2. I cut back my plants in stages - leaving those which stay upright and looking OK, or which have seeds for wildlife until the last possible moment.

  3. Tsk. I've planted no end of bulbs in the past, and they never seem to do well. I think it must be my clay soil. But, wow, the Dahlias. They've gone monster. Three for a pound from Poundland. Highly recommended.


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