Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Baby naming, beetroot fritters and breakers

Spent a lovely weekend in London where we attended the baby naming of my latest great niece.  We were treated to Salmon Coulibiac with fennel for Friday night dinner, tasty salads on Saturday and for brunch. 
 Esther Bracha with Great Auntie Linda

 Some family members putting the world to rights
On Sunday I had beetroot fritters at the Belsize Kitchen 68 Belsize Lane London NW3


On the way we passed this statue.

Talking of food, here is another recipe from Patsy Collins, writer and blogger, to use up those apples.   She says: Whisky apple cake is good. Put sliced apples sprinkled with whisky and brown sugar in the bottom of a dish, then cover with sponge mix and bake. Serve with cream or custard. Ginger cordial works well as an alternative to the whisky if you prefer. 
Sounds yummy.

The beginning of the week saw high seas at the East Yorkshire coast.

 ....but the weather was fine, although windy, and we managed to do a bit of walking.
The rough tides throw up all manner of things and I found some additions for my collection.


Shells, stones, wood and bone


  1. A walk along the coast there is something I'd love to be doing right now! And I think if I were to make the apple cake, it would be with ginger cordial rather than whisky.

  2. I'm glad you liked my recipe suggestion.

    I'm very keen on beetroot but haven't tried them in a fritter. I still have some in the garden - one will be going in a chocolate cake.


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