Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spring hasn't yet sprung

Spring almost arrived briefly and then went, leaving behind a few signs in the garden in the shape of shoots and sprouting bulbs. The lawn has never been so waterlogged but the Gypsy Girl crocuses I bought last Autumn in Sweden are now out.

My nephew, Simon Glass, showed his filmThe Tribe about the Jewish population who immigrated to our town both during the Pogroms and also the Nazi regime.  It runs like a documentary with interviews interspersed with old photos and footage.  The audience was made up of first, second or third generation immigrants or survivors of the Holocaust and Simon's commentary was followed by a good, interactive discussion.

Another nephew became a QC which means he gets a new wig and gown; sounds good to me!
Had my fair share of doctors and hospitals lately.  Wishing everyone good health.

Written:  A third article in the series Are We Nearly There Yet?  at  plus a  travelogue for local radio.  Hanging on in there (just) with the challenge Write 1 Submit 1 weekly.

Watched:Lady in Red, a powerful and thought-provoking presentation by the Certain Curtain company put on by a local branch of a national group who run a helpline, a refuge and counselling service and raise awareness of abuse being endured by women; assaulted, bullied or controlled in support of International Women's Day

Read:   A Plate of Bits by Avis Hickman-Gibb.  The title says it all; little bites of everything, some sweet and others savoury.  I can heartily recommend it.

This month's flower arrangement was Pot et fleurs so see if you can spot the two potted plants amongs the flowers.


  1. I've just had a look at Are We Nearly There Yet and was delighted to see Bishop Wilton. What a lovely village it is - I stayed there a few years ago and it was the most relaxing few days I've ever had! I must go back there :-) x

  2. You and your family have been busy!

    I've not seen a flower arrangement with pot plants in before (or perhaps I have but didn't realise?) It's pretty.

  3. Thank you for such a lovely review of A Plate of Bits. I am so happy you liked it!

  4. Hi L, I'm desperate for Spring to spring here in Denmark we have a few flowers poking through, and the sun has a little warmth in it, but the nights are still freezing. I just thought I'd mention that your tagline in the new age picture is very hard to read, because the text is so similar to the other colours. I wish you good health too :)


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